Wednesday, January 22, 2014

When It's Very Cold

We started the morning at -7 with a windchill of around -25 degrees F. 

It was not fun.

But it was very pretty.

A fine sifting of ice crystals in the air caused this awesome effect.  I put the sun just behind the peak of the barn.  The colors are bit washed out - it was quite rainbow-like. 

The sheep didn't mind in the least that it was so cold, but the bottle lambs always have a comment or two about everything. 

"Mom, the water is hard and crunchy again.  Mom?  Mom! Mooooommm!"
We've gotten into a section of the hay mow that has bales with a bit of alfalfa but also some coarse weedy stuff that the sheep pick out.  Unless they are like Gilly, who doesn't seem to mind wearing some like a fashion accessory.

"Why yes, I do look mahvelous.  Thanks for noticing."
Here are some observations about weather like this:
- If the cord on your jacket hood has a metal aglet which swings around and makes contact with your lip it WILL stick in a nanosecond, feel like a bee sting and pull off skin when you tug it off.
-Frozen sheep berries are just as hard and dangerous as ball bearings underfoot.
- No matter how you lean away from a bucket or tub, if you are trying to knock a hole in it with a hammer you will get a geyser of water in the face.
- Barn cats don't want to eat dry cat chow that is stored in the barn.  It must be like eating ice chips so they will stare at you with sad eyes until you bring warm dry food from the house. 
-You can wear thermal socks, two pair of sweatpants, a thermal shirt and sweatshirt, ski pant bib overalls, two fleece insulated vests, a down coat, two termal cowls, a knit hat and gloves.....and your hands and feet will still get so cold they hurt like they're being dipped in acid.
- If your nose is dripping and you use your bare hand to wipe it off and realize it's actually frozen beads of "drip".... you should probably go to the house for a while.
- A really big swallow of chocolate flavored liqueur before doing chores really does help keep you warmer... and happier.
And when you are finally done and can come inside I recommend getting warmed up by a fire.


  1. That's a GREAT capture of a sun dog! Holly sure has it rough ;-).

  2. I'm sorry, but I laughed so hard at this post. Mainly because I know what you are talking about.... I've done almost all of the things you listed. lol

  3. I trust that's a decorative plaster cow by the fire!

  4. I'm picturing Robin as the Michelan Man! Our critters have taken over all prime locations in front of the wood stove.

  5. I had to laugh at the frozen sheep berries cuz I almost baled on some the other morning!! Winter chores definitely challenging!

  6. Great picture of the sky over the barn roof.

    If it was that cold where I live I would need a much, much bigger wood stove. The dog has the right idea.