Sunday, August 17, 2014

All Together Now

It worked well to keep the non-breeding group separated from the ewes with lambs for most of the summer.  We were able to utilize some pasture to better advantage and it was just easier to eyeball two smaller groups daily instead of one giant enormous big flock.  Both pastures reached their limit at the same time so we combined the two groups and sent them to the farthest pasture which they haven't had access to all year. 

They were pretty happy to go since the previous pastures weren't yummy anymore.  Plus the trek doesn't seem so far since it's downhill ;-)  They spend most of the morning ranging to the farthest corners and then work their way back.  I can see that the hillside is looking alarmingly like early fall.  Yikes!  :-0

When they do get back up the hill to the barn they get a drink from the water tub and then hang out under the locust trees.  It's been so freakishly cool this summer that the sheep are comfortable almost anywhere but the little bugs are less annoying in the shade.

Salsa, Madeline, Nora, Nancy and Snubby
Drambui, Fuzz and Madeline
Ashes, Madeline and Nancy
Pretty..... who has been rubbing her head on the red snow fence.  Sigh.

"I know I'm Pretty - my ear tag says so.  Plus I have a beauty mark on my muzzle like that famous human woman Cynthia Crawdad or whatever her name is."
A cute Cotwold ewe lamb
"Mom?  Are you coming?  Everybody's going!"
"Yes, we're coming.  You wait for me!  Don't go by yourself."
And she went with her mom and sister back down the hill.

Ivan was enjoying the fair weather too.  He came out the side barn door with me and was poking around in the grass.  He's on the thin side but feeling well and has a happy attitude.
"You know, I think I should go sit in the sun today."

"Oh yes, much better! "
Earlier this week the sun was out for two whole days in a row and I was able to give our stone sheep a new coat of paint.
Remember that super moon we had a few nights ago?  I wasn't able to get a good picture of it at night but the next morning it was still showing just above the trees to the west.  I sure wish I could remember what setting I used :-/

Natasha says.....

"I love a full moon!  All the better to see them mouses by!"


  1. Nice to put a Pretty face with a Pretty fleece :-).

    You should be able to see what settings you used on your moon shot either with what program you used to download it off your camera or if it's still saved on your camera, you can look there very easily.

  2. What lovely sheep - and I am so impressed that you remember all their names! I stumble over three. I missed the super moon, too, so I will enjoy your shot. Ivan looks incredible for his age!

  3. Pretty is just putting a little bit of blush on...

  4. Thank you for the beautiful sheep pictures!