Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Stills - Face Time

This week its all about faces.

Most people think sheep all look alike, particularly if they are white.  Not true at all, anymore than all black cats look alike.  (OK, that comparison might be lost on non-cat people.  Trust me, it's true.)

Sheep faces.

"You locked us out in the rain.  All day."

Cotswold ewe 'Nancy'.

Snickers.  "All these white sheep - I really don't see the big deal."
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  1. Sara, what are the ear tags for? How come they aren't on all the sheep?

  2. They all have their very unique personalities. Of course, with only three sheep, it's easy for me to know mine, hehe.

  3. They are beautiful...I've decided I really would like to add a Cotswold to my little flock. You are about 6 hours from about a road trip??

  4. and lucky you to know them all

  5. Gee those Cotswolds have the sweetest faces. I wonder if we have them here in Oz. Hmm... Aww, no, sadly they are considered extinct here in Oz along with many other heritage breeds. That sucks!