Saturday, August 30, 2014

Stocking Up

With the fiber festival only 21 days away (Gads!) I've been working to get as much material as possible done to have on the shelves.  Diane just finished this roving for me from the wool I sent her way a few weeks ago.   Yay!  The white is straight Cotswold.  The dyed shades are from Cotswolds and Border Leicesters mixed.

Back row - Wine Country and Snowcone
Front row - three unnamed shades of orchid, red and black
The orchid color is more complex than the picture shows being both plum and rose with gray shading of both.
The red is a deeper red than this - not so orange - also done over gray wool.

The black is a blend of wool and alpaca.  It's not quite jet black since there are a few occasional strands of lighter gray but it will be very dark.   In real life it's much blacker than this.  The sun kind of washed it out.

I can't blame the camera now since I'm sure it *could* accurately show these colors but I still haven't learned how to do too much off the 'auto' setting and I didn't have light shade available.  Bright sun or deep shade today, no middle ground.  (Which I'm not complaining about since we're getting some more hay baled.  Woot!)
I also sent back three more bags of dyed wool with Diane when she handed this over - a pale yellow, a light lavender and a pink.  No guarantees she can get them done for the festival but they'll be something new and different whenever they do return.
Back to work.  I need to make the next three weeks count!


  1. Looks wonderful! Good Luck at the show :)

  2. They are all wonderful! 2 more (1 small, 1 medium) lots to go, then yours are next up, hopefully beginning tomorrow with JTS later in the week.

  3. An easy fix is use the exposure compensation button probably on the top somewhere. Looks like a +/- probably. Hold down and rotate dial to a couple of different minus numbers and see if that helps. Likewise if a photo is coming out too dark in auto mode.