Sunday, October 12, 2014

Frosty Morning

We had a good heavy frost this morning.  There have been a few light ones earlier this week but they mostly only involved the roof, the picnic table surfaces and the lawn clippings which lie in little windrows all around the yard.  This morning's frost was much prettier!

Clover leaves.  Every edge bears a fringe of ice crystals.

Wild carrot leaves.



Letting the flock out this time of year creates a 'reception line' that the girls work through, all being ahem, friendly, and wanting to say "Hi" to Andy.  Breeding season is only two weeks away.  Yikes! 

Bug:  "I wish they'd hurry up.  I want to go out!"
Large Marge was especially demanding today.

She parked herself right in front of Andy and he had to reach past her to pet Kandy.

He finally shooed her out the door but she kept watching him, hoping for more attention.

Bug brought up the rear but made sure to say hello too so she planted herself until Andy petted her.

Then it was "off to work".

Gotta love "October's bright blue weather" !


  1. Great pictures, enjoy the frost... still in the 90's here in CA.

  2. We will be letting the rams out in a couple of weeks as well. Hard to believe it is that time of year already, this year is flying by.