Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wet Wednesday

After the very frosty Sunday morning the temperature has crept up into the upper 70s yesterday and the still-repectable 60s today.  Although there was some awful looking stuff on the radar we were missed by most of it and only had periods of light showers.  We had left the gate to the bunk open in case the sheep - especially the shorn lambs - wanted to come in but they didn't so by mid-afternoon I shut it anyway. 

It was a gray day.  The kind of afternoon that's nice to spend being lazy, or so I've heard ;-)

The flock was very mellow - standing around staring into space or lying down resting.  A few were grazing but more out of unconscious habit, like someone eating a bag of Doritos while watching TV.

"Doritos?  What are them?  Are them tasty?  We would eat them!!"
The sky kept looking ominous.

Peanut wasn't worried and worked along the fenceline nibbling what she could reach.  Some days it pays to have a small pointy head.

Right about 6 PM the sheep began to queue up at the gate.

Fuzz, in the middle - "C'mon, already!  Don't just stand there, let us in!"

Peanut:  "If you're not going to let us in, will you pet me?"

Pretty is three quarters Cotswold and the rain really freshened up her curls.

"I've managed to get rid of that dorky ear tag but I know you know who I am."

CocoPuff is swimming against the current.  Typical of the little fuzzball.

Young Brick, across the road, is growing into a handsome lad with a lovely fleece.  I don't plan to use him this year but I'm going to hang onto him.  He ought to be a very good ram.

Coconut:  "Oh my gosh, what's a ram?"

You don't have to worry about that until next year.


  1. Look at all those sheeps! Beautiful field shot!

  2. Thank you for a wonderful sheep tour...the curls are incredible. Do you shed all your flock at night?

    1. The ewes are brought into the barn/barnyard/feedbunk area so they are pretty secure behind fences and gates. The rams have a small grass lot attached to the open barn doorway so they are near the barn (or in it if they want to be) and behind two fences at night. An agile coyote could probably hop two fences without breaking stride but KNOCK WOOD we've not had any problems.