Thursday, November 13, 2014

Back To The Woods

It was starting to snow lightly when we finished morning chores but it wasn't enough to prevent Andy from cutting some more trees for firewood. Here he's already cut out the wedge from the leading side of the tree - that lets it tip in the direction you want it to fall - and now he's cutting the backside to release the mass and let gravity take over.  Where he stops and looks around the trunk he's checking to see that his chainsaw bar is aiming properly toward the inside angle of the wedge. Sorry the lighting is weird - the phone was more concerned with the light sky than the ground.

Holly went along of course - couldn't let her miss a good woods outing.  Since deer season starts Saturday (gun, that is - bow season has been going on for a while) we weren't sure who might be in the woods scouting around so we made her nice and visible.

She really doesn't mind wearing her vest.  She poked around in the leaves behind me for a while and when it became obvious that I was parked instead of going walkies she came and camped out at my feet.  As soon as the chips had settled she had to check out the downed trees.
This tree had a streak running down one side similar to the mark it might have had if it had been hit by lightening at some point.  Andy walked the length of it trying to decide if any part of it could be used as a log to saw into lumber and she followed him.  I tried to catch her running the length of the tree but she was too quick!  Once she started going onto the skinnier branches Andy lifted her down as he was afraid she'd fall off.

It was snowing harder after he had been cutting for an hour but by that time he had dropped enough trees to keep himself busy for the next few days.
I was cold and looking forward to warming up with toasted cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch!


  1. Dang, now I really want some hot tomato soup. :)

  2. I just love reading about your every normal, "boring" day. :)

  3. Loved hearing your voices...made me feel closer...:)