Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Off to the Woods

Getting in enough firewood for the year is always a big job.  In a perfect world there would be time in the summer to cut some now and then and by this time of year there would be plenty - maybe even some to start the following year's supply - and all Andy would have to do would be to get it stacked down cellar and out by the other boiler that heats our two shops. 

To date, we are not living in a perfect world. 

However, today was a perfect morning to get a bunch of trees on the ground so that's what we did.  Once they are on the ground Andy and I are both comfortable with him working alone to limb them out and get the logs home but the actual felling of trees is not something a person should ever do without another person present in case help should be needed.  Too much can go wrong even when you are careful and following the rules. 

Holly loves the woods.  She stays right near me while Andy is cutting but it's not because she's scared.  She actually does. not. care. when the trees creak and come crashing down.  Doesn't even flick an ear.  She just knows that until we're done she has to stay right at my feet.  Once he takes a break and I start walking around then she knows it's OK to explore the downed trees.  The first thing she does is hop up on a log and start walking it.  We never taught her this, she decided it was fun to do and will almost run the length of a tree.  Kids.

"Yep, Dad really killed this one."

Andy went to the truck to get the gas can.

"Where's he going??"
"He's coming back, right??  It's too nice out to go back home!"

But we weren't done yet and Andy did cut quite a few more trees.  (This was all ash that was in poor shape anyway).  He had quite a bit of work laid out by the time he stopped.

Despite all the trees and branches crashing down around it I noticed this lovely feather clinging to a low branch.  It's so downy and fringed that I'm thinking owl.
After Andy had cut enough trees to keep himself occupied for a while we went for a scouting walk down the hill to see where more likely firewood trees were located.  Basically, everywhere we went there were trees that could/should come out.  Sigh.  So much work that could be done.  A stand of trees is like a garden and while you don't want to make to too manicured it's best to take out trees that are dying or damaged so the healthy ones can do better. 
One fun part of the walk was a visit to the beaver pond.  It's literally just about at the farthest and least accessible corner of our property so we don't go there too often.

We didn't see the beavers but their paths up the bank and into the brush were muddy and well travelled so we know they're in there somewhere.
"Beebers?  Aren't those little wimpy things that make screechy noises?"
No, beavers are strong beefy critters with great big teeth that can chew down trees.  Apparently they are sometimes overly ambitious and chew down trees that are too big to cart off.


All in all it was a very pleasant and productive morning - probably some of the last nice weather we'll see this year.
And I brought that feather in to try to take better pictures of it to show how pretty it is.  I couldn't do it justice.



You do see some of the neatest things in the woods.


  1. The joys of the woods. It seems when things quiet in the woods all is right with the world! Wonderful post!

  2. Too bad the beavers don't fall more trees, would make Andy's job easier. Hope you get a good supply in before the cold and snow.

  3. That pic of the feather is pretty enough for me!

  4. I didn't know you had a beeber pond. Very pretty!

  5. I feel the same way that you do about being there when Hubby cuts down the trees. I don't like him to do it a lone. It's worse for me when he hooks up the tractor and pulls them out of the woods with the tractor. There usually is a very steep spot and it makes me nervous watching him. I just "know" that he's going to roll the tractor. I even close my eyes so I can't watch when he does it. lol