Saturday, November 29, 2014

Small Business Saturday

Today is Small Business Saturday and so I was happy to spend several hours spinning at the Fiber and Art Emporium where a good bit of our yarn and spinning fiber is offered for sale.  It's great to have a brick and mortar storefront available for me and a lot of other local people to display our wares.  The rug hooking aspect of the shop has really taken off and they now carry the largest selection of wool rug hooking fabric in this part of central New York.

There are an awful lot of talented people out there!  I really liked this wreath of paper flowers made by one of the vendors (yes, they hold classes on that).

Someone had hand puppets and was working on a presentation for the Christmas event in the park coming up later this month.  How stinkin' cute are these?  Baby birds in a nest and a porcupine!

A local caterer had supplied the shop with a super array of snacks and refreshments.  I don't know about the rest of Hammondsport but we were having a par-tay!  (Tip of the day - to keep apple slices on a platter from going brown dip them in a bowl of Seven Up.  Who knew?)
In other news.... we've had some pretty sunrises -

It was cold then - around 12 degrees in the barn and Natasha was suffering again so I moved her into the wool shop like last year.  I can totally sympathize with being cold and not being able to get warm no matter what you do unless you come inside.  She was very happy there although probably bored most of the day.  She was super chatty whenever I came in to do some wool work.  Holly does NOT snuggle with the cats - considers them to be way beneath her - but Natasha enjoyed some stealth snuggling when Holly succumbed to a nap.
And then it warmed up for one magical day and we had rain and a double rainbow!

Breeding season is over and the rams are back in the bachelor barn.  They are calming down quickly and we'll probably release them from close confinement in the next couple of days.  I've been washing and dyeing wool to make another run of Ferns and Moss roving and I need to dye more yarn for next week's Christmas on the Farm event.  ( week...yeah, I better get that dyed!)
And it IS that time of year, so when you're shopping for gifts remember to support your local businesses.  They appreciate it!


  1. Wow, what a rainbow! I hope you had a good holiday, Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Snuggles, rainbows, yarn. sheep, and an amazing sunset. Works for me.