Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Sun Before The Snow

The weather forecasters are wetting their pants over a big snow storm headed up the east coast tomorrow and Tuesday.  One of them said that this will very likely go in the record books as greatest snowfall for the NYC/Long Island.  Ever.  In history.  I've heard dire predictions about loss of power, inability to travel and conditions akin to those suffered by the Donner Party.   While a blizzard is nothing to laugh at and preparations are prudent the weather people have become nearly apopleptic issuing warnings.  If the storm is less than Biblical in scale they are going to look rather foolish.

You would never know from the weather today that anything ominous was headed our way.  In fact, our area is on the northern edge of the predicted route and we may get nothing at all.  It did get a lot colder though and the sheep were enjoying sitting in the sun.

Daffodil, who will be 13 in a couple of months

Alexandria and some young friends

Alexandria, at 11, is showing her age.  She has lost all her front teeth and has a hard time keeping weight on despite getting grain twice a day and a private stall to eat nice hay overnight without competition.  I like the way the young ewes are keeping her company while she chews her cud in the sun.

"I was a lamb once.  That was a long time ago.  Sit down, kids, and I'll tell you a thing or two."

Coconut popped up to see what I was doing.  I really must try to get a flattering picture of her - she's cute and not at all wild like her eyes lead you to believe.

"Oh!  Hi!  I didn't know you were there!"

Gilly, down in the bred ewe group, also popped up to see what was going on.  The bedding is building up a lot, making it easier to put front feet on the edge of the hay feeder and look over the side of the pen.  We'll have to clean the barn sometime soon.  

She makes a terrible mess of her head with the hay but the rest of her fleece is pristine.  I do pick a lot of stuff off the ewes twice daily while I'm in the pen to pull the uneaten hay stems out of the lower portion of the feeder but she rarely has more than a stray timothy head on her back.

Alexi was on hand for some lunch kibble.

"Pleeze may I has some kibble?  I has been a gud cat today."


"I didn't know I had to be good.  Oh man, I'm in trouble........."


"I'm better than good.  I'm inside.  Heh heh."

Where ever you are, hunker down and stay warm.


  1. I am glad we are not in the storms path!
    Cute sheep shots!

  2. Here's hoping all stay warm and safe! I hope you all have a generator in case the snow causes downed power lines.

  3. Yes, they have now started naming the snow storms. I figure I will find out how bad it is tomorrow. After the storm. Really, it's getting out of hand. One of these days, everyone will ignore them for crying wolf every winter storm and then it WILL be bad. Love your sheep/cat photos - they are wonderful.