Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tales From the Old Folks Home

AKA 'the wool shop' where I skirt, wash and dye wool from the flock.  I've waffled over how to refer to this building.  It was my father-in-law's woodworking shop before I inherited it for my purposes.  I've tried calling it the wool barn or the wool shed but it's a nicer space than a shed or barn.  Heat, lights, concrete floor, windows, electric, cupboards.... but it's not quite as grand as a certain 'wool house' I know (and drool over) so I guess I'll stick with "shop".  A utilitarian place where work gets done.

But back to the point - the wool shop is now doing double duty as a winter home for two aged barn kitties, Ivan and Natasha.  Ivan is almost 18 and while Natasha is just getting into double digits she doesn't tolerate cold well at all.  I can sympathize.  Losing weight, shivering and obviously miserable - I won't make anybody suffer that if I can help it.  She spent some time here last winter too although it was only a couple weeks of single digit conditions.  I think they are both in here for the whole winter this year, especially Ivan.

"I remember this place.  About time they brought me back here."

"Mom, they're hogging the bed again."

The sun shines on Holly's blanket most of the afternoon.  Pretty nice deal if you're an ancient cat.

Ivan has also discovered the fun of boxes.  Liking cardboard boxes must be written into the genetic code of cats or something.  He's never seen a box in the barn, but put one on the floor and he's a kitten again.  I needed something to keep the cats from having access to the front of the shop which has indoor/outdoor carpet and would not be forgiving of 'accidents' and this big box happened to fit the doorway perfectly.

I've been enjoying the warm shop too.  Washing fleece.....

And being able to indulge in a past passion - orchids.  Because Ivan and Natasha are too well mannered too old to get on the counters this is about the only cat-proof space I have that plants can exist in.  When you can get mini phalaenopsis for less than $10 at the grocery store.....

Hothouse plants and hothouse cats. :-D


  1. We all need a nice warm place in winter.

  2. That is funny about the box! Glad everyone is warm and feeling frisky and resting up in the sunshine :-).

  3. I'm glad your old kitties have somewhere warm to snuggle. I think my old cats of the past would have got over that box just to prove they could, no matter how decrepit. :) My current kitty is 9 but already a comfort seeker and pretty lazy. He believes in wasting no calories in unnecessary movement. :)

  4. Could you share how do you wash fleece.