Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Certain Something

Who is he?

Any beverage is improved by the addition of a few of his hairs.

Fleas won't jump on him because they know they're not worthy.

Jeans and a Tshirt become formal wear with his fur all over them.

Zen gardeners study his litterbox for design inspiration.

He is......

"Stay furry, my friends!"

.....the most interesting cat in the world.


  1. What a treasure! Does he have a name? How long has he been reigning on his throne?😊

    1. That's Popeye, rescued as a kitten from the middle of a 4-lane road just over a year ago. We think his gray marble eye gives him some extra mystery.

  2. He can't be, because my kitty says HE is, but then they all think they are, don't they? :D

  3. They All think they are the most interesting... At least my two say so =^•^=
    But he sure is a handsome baby!

  4. I was going to say Beautiful cat.......but I am afraid he would prefer Handsome. Great picture!

  5. Talk about charisma! He's gorgeous!

  6. Such a handsome boy. I like the granny square afghan in the background too. I'm sure Popeye's generously shared his fur on it.