Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Precioussssss

What's more useful than a magic ring that grants invisibility?  If you have livestock it's second cutting hay.

A streak of hot and dry weather (OK, we could say the streak started in early June) gave us the chance to grab what little second cutting hay was available. The two fields that are grass and alfalfa mix were the only ones that had growth enough to even consider.  The volume was minimal because of the drought but with days getting shorter and dew getting heavier we knew it was probably a 'now or never' situation.   Andy raked the windrows into triples and they were still unimpressive.

These two fields yielded around 1800 bales of first cutting.  We expect the second cutting to be about half that as the grass component doesn't grow back as robustly as the alfalfa.  But with the drought supressing the plants we ended up with a grand total of 290 bales from the two fields and we're happy we got that.

We'll be doling that out by the teaspoonful this winter to the geriatrics and anybody that feels poorly for some reason.  Thankfully the first cutting was of good quality and should be very adequate for the bulk of the flock on winter maintenance.

Precious it is, and we loves it.


  1. Must be a lovely feeling to cut and store and feed your own hay. I could only ever buy it but it was still precious, especially in drought years when the stores got low :)

  2. Precious - but unlike that Ring, all good. I wish you had more, but I'm gladyou at least were able to harvest this much home-grown food.

  3. I'm envious of your hay supply! I buy mine locally - with only 1.75 acres and most of it wooded, there's no opportunity to make my own hay.

  4. Yesterday I got the balance of the hay I need for my two horses. It is third cutting grass and it's beautiful. My 32 year old needs all the soft stuff she can get....the rest like it too. We had a drought here, but it sure did will in Strykersville (where this came from). Your hay looks gorgeous.