Friday, September 30, 2016

Stick A Fork In It, September's Done

Seems like the first half of September was all a flurry to get ready for the fiber festival and the second half has been getting caught back up from it.  Kittin is just exhausted from all the hustle.

"The coming, the going, the to-ing, the's all just too much."

The festival went well - good weather, tons of interesting activities and exhibits.

The fleece sale had around 80 entries!

The Skein and Garment entries were outstanding!  Anyone failing to be inspired needs to check their pulse.

 More about this pattern soon.

Over $1,000 in cash and prizes were awarded and spread over a huge assortment of categories aimed at beginners, experts and the creatively inspired.  The festival accepts and returns mail-in entries so start planning now to enter next year!  

The vendor booths were awash with yarn....

Books and educational media........

Spinning fiber and sundries (this is our booth)....

And finished goods like these felted vessels, created by the genius at Fat Yellow Dog Farm.

It was great to unwind after the weekend by walking Holly without a clock ticking in my head.  We saw a few monarch caterpillars, although not like last year.  I did see several adults flying around which was nice.

The wild asters were in perfect bloom and I thought they were every bit as nice as some cultivated ones I've seen at garden centers.

The sheep enjoyed fine, sunny days and were turned into the south pasture again.

Despite the summer drought the fall weeds wildflowers put out a tremendous number of blossoms which the honey bees were taking full advantage of.  This is what September looks like to me - fall blooms in a golden haze of late summer warmth.

I'm glad for photos - this will be hard to recall during the long cold of winter.


  1. Wow! Thank you for posting pictures of the fibre festival, what beautiful items were entered!

  2. Beautiful ~ So glad you had a good show and thanks for sharing your photos! Fiber shows always have amazing talent.
    Ps. I love fall wildflowers :-)
    New pattern???

    1. You guessed it! Sending more wool to the mill to make yarn for a KAL!

  3. September where you live is so lovely and colorful. Asters alomgside roadways, amazing fiber festivals- where's my envy button? And Kittin is one glorious calico.

  4. Robin, your words work on me like a soft wool sweater. Cozy and endearing. The Fiber Festival photos are fantastic as are your captions! Please consider writing a book someday - you write so beautifully!