Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It never fails.  When you want to get pictures of the sheep they see you looking at them and decide you must be Up To Something.  Mostly what I get are shots of sheep turning away, or butts - or foggy nostrils when the really friendly ones crowd up.  Today I was taking some pictures in the ram barn of a ram lamb for an interested party and of course that drew a crowd.

Our subject of the day - moorit ram lamb #030.

His fleece - because I knew you were wondering

He's an agreeable lamb and since he wasn't giving off vibes of distress the other, bigger boys started to gather.

Colored Cotswold Isaac, all mellow from Andy scratching his back

Cotswold/Border Leicester cross Rocky

Another C/BL cross, Jared.  Not very flattering, with the bulging "stomped-on-frog" look in his eye.

Young Mojito - Mo for short - last son of our good old ram Spats.

I think they kind of liked having something interesting happen (as long as it wasn't happening to THEM) to break up a boring afternoon.  You can bet that they won't be this handy when I want to take THEIR pictures another day.

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