Sunday, January 15, 2012

Then Again, Maybe Not

I had all good intentions of going to Roc Day in Ithaca.  Thursday night we went to bed and it was 40 degrees.  I thought, "Oh, packing will be a snap tomorrow."  The next morning we woke up to a mini-blizzard.  Heavy snow, winds to 40 mph pushing it around, temps in the teens.  That put a serious damper on my enthusiasm since I know the hilltop no-man's-lands between here and there, and the history of 'iffy' road maintenance I've seen other Januarys.  By 5 PM I admitted defeat and decided not to go.  As it turns out, my travel companions weren't up to going either but hadn't wanted to be the weak link so all in all it worked out for the best.

By Saturday afternoon the snow had stopped and the sun even made an appearance although it stayed in the single digits all day here with wind.

Sunny, frozen January

We had about 9 inches of snow but it was drifted, so deeper and more problematic in some the driveway.  It required the first plowing of the winter.

So what does one do when presented with an unexpected day off?  Take the dogs for a good romp, of course.  Julie and Angel came over and we had a good tramp around the ram's pasture.


Angel, apparently not minding the bad case of 'snow nose' she has

That's the first Roc Day I've missed in about 10 years, but "discretion is the better part of valor" as the saying goes.  I'll ascribe it to the wisdom of age (rather than the wimpiness of age) and hope to make it next year.


  1. I was hoping that someone would be looking for company on the drive there (and a gas contributor), but it was not to be. I spent the day being productive in my little mill.

  2. Great snow! We've just had a dusting here. That's it. :-(