Thursday, January 5, 2012


So what does every house with cats need?  A cat tree for them to call their own.  After we removed a cabinet that Dexter liked to perch on he moped under the dining room table and really seemed sad.  Andy thought building a cat tree would be just the tonic he needed.  A little ingenious construction and a $50 carpet remnant and we have a cat tree perfect for perching.

King Dexter and his minion, Calvin

It has four platforms spiralling up the central post which has a telescoping top plate that Andy screwed to the ceiling (which will eventually get finished and be pretty, but that's another story).  Now when they rocket up the post it won't go crashing through the front windows.

The king's not here.....maybe I should ascend to the throne

There.  If you can't make your cats happy you're not doing something right.