Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter Wednesday

We're having a cold spell now following the weekend storm.  Holly still needs her walkies though, so we ventured out to see what's new in the neighborhood.

The wild turkeys have been out picking grit from the road and just moving around the landscape doing what turkeys do.  One of the few things I like about winter is being able to see the tracks that Holly can read by scent.  This group had about 10 individuals. 

Tracks of four turkeys, more out of frame

We stopped back at the barn on the way back in just to make sure everyone was happy.  Being out of our routine schedule, Glinda found the visit suspicious.

You are not On Schedule.  State your purpose.

This can't be good - she must be Up To Something

Oh, please.  What a bunch of nervous nellies.

Pearl was not impressed.  When you've settled into your favorite spot and gotten down to some serious cud chewing (and are a former bottle lamb to boot) you aren't easily moved.

I'm with you, Pearl.


  1. cute pictures!
    ps- Where did you get your sheep jackets?

  2. Hi Glinda. You have cool hair. My mom cut all mine off and it doesn't seem to be growing back. When will my hair grow out like yours? Don't let your mom cut your hair!

    Love, Buddy