Monday, April 3, 2017

We Interrupt This Shearing......

Friday was Round Two of shearing and we managed thirty-four before the power went out.  Ugh. We've had a lot of rain and a tree probably tipped onto a line up the road somewhere.  Andy fired up the generator and we could have proceeded but Brian had to leave at a certain time anyway and honestly, the sheep were giving him a workout.  Whether it was the phase of the moon or what, the sheep were stiff and balky and resisted being manipulated during the process.  It seemed prudent to quit rather than risk fatigue-caused injuries to man or beast.

The girls are looking good this spring.  They might be carrying a few pounds more than they need to be but I'd rather have them fleshed out than too thin.

The broom is always a source of curiosity.

And of course watching the other sheep be shorn was alarming interesting.  Actually, Fuzz has a natural look of perpetual surprise.

"That just CAN'T be good!"

The sheep coats continued to prove themselves a good investment as all the Cotswold fleeces look great beneath them.

We took Peanut's coat off and she leaned against me in a sheep hug.  She is so sweet.  One can see the difference in cleanliness and condition between the coated fleece and that which was uncovered on her neck.

And with the coat taken off Fuzz you can picture what a mess her wool would have been without it.

Rupert, one of our young Cotswold wethers, was quite dejected after shearing.  I think he was not happy at all to find himself without clothes.  

 "At least they let me keep my hair."

 A few more days and another group will get nekkid!