Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shearing Day, Round One

Shearing time!  A whole year of good care rolls off each sheep with every pass of the shearing head. 

Puffy, heavy, coated, hot sheep.


Sleek, cool, comfy, naked sheep.  Zombie eyes are my fault - still learning camera.


Here Andy carries on a conversation while Mr. Magee shears.  The sheep are critiqueing his work, or giving the ewe (Luna, in this case) encouragement.

Everybody's a critic

And there are always surprises when the fleeces come off. 

Kahlua has faded from brick red moorit to an amazing soft sand color.

And Sprinkles has gone from being a black lamb to this gorgeous, shiny silver. 

We did 34 ewes on Friday and will do as many more on Wednesday, maybe a few extra. 

Eat your Wheaties, Mr. Magee!

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