Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Signs of Spring

We had a great, warm day yesterday.  We brought down a load of alfalfa from the upper barn for the ewes and lambs.

Summer in square packages

It was so nice to see the sun.  Even just a few hours of sunshine and warm temps gave a faint green tinge to the pastures. 

 "Landscape with tail" - Not a very romantic photo caption

Yes, that's a dropped tail lying on the concrete.  We band the lambs' tails to dock them as opposed to cutting or cauterizing.  It's bloodless and after hurting for a few minutes the tail goes numb.  After about 10 days the tails drop off.  I had a very nice lady once ask me "How old are the lambs when they shed their tails?"  I had to gently explain that they have 'help' in shedding them.

The warmth made the lambs sleepy and they were happy to sit around in a half doze.  Lucky lambs.



Just wake me up for supper

And here's a funny little marking.  Usually we get black lambs with white splashes.  What's up with this little guy?  What's the gene for "butt spot"?

Heck of a birthmark, bro

And lookee - not just crocus, but some little blue flowers.  I'm sorry to say I can't remember what they are.

Spring flowers

Today we're back in the 40s, but they can't take it away from us - we're another day closer to spring. 

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