Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

After having no snow for all of December we were graced with just enough on Friday to make a greeting-card type Christmas scene.


Holly and her friend Angel had a glorious doggy play-date with lots of action.

Arrr....I'm gonna get you!

Smack down!

Wait, did you hear something?

All I hear is you going down!

Angel weighs about the same as Holly, but is taller and therefore faster, but she's so good natured that she lets Holly win the 'I'm going to eat you' part of the game.

Christmas morning was sunny, and the sheep enjoyed standing in the sun waiting to be let back inside for breakfast.

Mmm.....dis is nyce..

Nyce......but is it breakfast yet?

Yeah, we's starffing.  What's da holdup?

But eventually everyone trooped in for hay.  We give them especially nice alfalfa hay on Christmas (although they then complain bitterly about every subsequent meal for about a week until they realize that was just a special occasion and not regular fare yet).

Cleo enjoyed the chance to get her feet warm.  Yes, she's sitting on a ewe's back, but the others mobbed around her so fast it's not clear just what's going on.  These sheep LOVE this cat and want to smell her and if she licks them they just about fall down in a swoon.  It's really weird.

It's Cleo!  Hi, Cleo!  Cleo, c'mon! Lick me! Cleo!

She decided they were breathing too. much. sheep. breath. on her fur and she hopped off.

Woolly wishes to all this Christmas!


  1. I'm not sure it's the cats that are a bit on the odd side!

    Our two dogs just love to play...outside, it alternates between rounds of chase me/chase you, bite-face and also smack-down. Right now, they're napping so let's not wake them!