Thursday, February 2, 2012

The February Challenge

My friend Sara from Punkin's Patch is just about the most artistic, creative, clever person I know.   She's also wired like me, in that sometimes we work much better to get a job done with a deadline or inflexible NEED staring at us.  This month she has thrown down the proverbial gauntlet (Oh great - one MORE thing to pick up off the floor!) and set her blog followers a challenge to Find Five.

For the month of February, find just 5 minutes a day (OK, more if you're one of those overachievers) and do something you've been putting off.  Maybe it's a tiny task that never makes it to the day's priority list.  Maybe it's a big job that you've been putting off because it's....well....big.  But if you can just make yourself do "it" for 5 minutes a day for the whole month of February you'll be doing way more than NONE.

I'm going to start the daily challenges by catching up on written thank you notes.  One a day, maybe two, until I'm caught up.  I've said 'thank you' to everyone at the time and had every intention of following up with a note but haven't. gotten. it. done. 

What's your challenge?  C'mon, you know you can do this!

Thanks, Sara.  I needed this.  And thanks too for saying the challenge DOESN'T have to be house cleaning :-)


  1. I like that. I have a knitting project that has just been dragging along. 5 minutes a day would at least get something done!

  2. This is WAY more fun with everyone joining in :-D. And what is with all those folks adding house cleaning to their list?!?!? I mean, next I'll be having to cook too ;-).

  3. Dear Sheepmom, let me just tell you this blog is really great! It is heartwarming to see somebody loves her sheep and take care of them the way you do. I found your blog through Sara, whom I just found out about on internet, as well, and had some email exchanges with her. I'm living in a big city at the moment but dream about some day have some little sheep and let life be as it is.Sorry if my English, I'm from Hungary :) So I just wanted to say: great pictures, loving words of you! Take care of yourself, and stay as you are! Best regards from Europe...Monika /

  4. Not doing so good on the Feb.5 challenge. I'll have to settle down and devote at least a half hour to catch up.