Saturday, March 23, 2013

And First Across the Finish Line is......

.....Kahlua!  I would have put money on four or five other ewes first but Kahlua had a pair of twins up and walking around at bedcheck last night. 

A ten pound black ewe lamb and an eleven pound white ram lamb
They are sturdy and perky and a good start to lambing if you don't count all the other stuff that's already been going on.  

There is supposed to be a low pressure system developing over the weekend and those always bring on births, whether it's lambs or calves.  Judging from the size of many of the ewes it looks like it will be a very busy week.  And just to make things even more lively, the contractor is finally able to come start our main bathroom renovation....Monday!  Yay!  It's been a project that's needed doing for some time since it's in the original (well, pretty well used now) 1964 condition. Once he agreed to put us on his schedule we started ordering and accumulating all the things we need.  But oh crap, that means I have to strip the bathroom bare - closet, medicine chest, countertop, walls - and put. it. some. where.

Meanwhile, spring has NOT sprung and we're still getting snow off and on all day, every day.  Still, the redwing blackbirds have started returning.

And that means the poor cats are saved from boredom and can watch Bird TV allll day long.
Must. Fight urge. To join them.


  1. Big kids! Do you by any chance remember off the top of your head (so you don't have to spend time looking it up!) who Marcel's momma is?

  2. Beautiful new babies. Maybe the rest of the season will all go well.

  3. Awww, lambies! You had to know that the bathroom project was going to happen at the exact same time as lambing. At least you can consider it a really good time to purge the bathroom of stuff-that-didn't-work-out and towels that ought to be delegated to dog towels.