Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Stills - Flowers and Wildflowers

Happily we finally have some spring flowers!

The ever-popular daffodil in both two-tone form.....

and solid yellow.

Little blue flowers whose name I don't recall.  See the honeybee at top/center?  :-)

Down the road the banks are covered with creeping myrtle.  Later the other weeds wild plants cover them over but at this time of year they get all the sun there is to have under the bare trees and they flourish.

And more daffodils; pretty double-flowered ones.

I think at this point they fall into the 'wildflower' category because there used to be a home and service station (yes, for cars and trucks with gas pumps and all) on this site FIFTY years ago.  Everyone associated with that is dead and gone except the daffodils. 

There are certainly worse things one could leave behind when your time on Earth is over.


  1. have real spring flowers! Those blue ones are stunning:)

  2. Beautiful! Great comment about the daffodils. Love those flowers!

  3. Isn't it nice to FINALLY have Spring? Lovely shots and I like that the daffodils are what remain of the service station.

  4. Lovely daffodils. :)

  5. Lovely spring flowers. I adore daffodils, particularly the two-tone ones.

  6. Love checking in here to see what's going on at your farm.... Gotta love your lambie-babies (and your flowers today!) I think that your blue flowers are Glory of the Snow.

  7. Always love a flowery post :)