Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Stills - The Colour Red

Summer is a great time for seeing red even without tomatos or watermelon.

Bee Balm

Coral Bells
Farm equipment - this is part of the hay tedder
The old, original section of the barn
Sumac at the base of a silo
The flower part looks like cockscomb on steroids
This sumac is in the edge of a field.  I should look these fuzzy guys up to see what they'll become

Honeysuckle with berries.  Looks downright Christmasy
No red, you say?
Surprise!  (A handsome and docile Blinded Sphinx)

You never know where you'll find red.


  1. Great photos, so Christmasy will all the red and green. Think it might be a good idea to find out what those little fuzzy guys really are since there are so many of them. Maybe they will turn into the lovely moth in the last photo.

  2. Great selection of reds. I had a very similar moth here last year. I haven't found any of them yet this year though.

  3. Excellent pics I really liked the Sphinx moth..:-)

  4. Really love the bright red currants~

  5. Wow, you have LOTS of red! The moth shot is awesome - great catch.