Saturday, January 11, 2014


2007 - 2014
Cleo was a cat with a lot of personality. Dropped off in the middle of the night with her sister and brother she was full of confidence and took over the duty of farm scout, ranging all over the property and up and down the road daily to check on things. She loved Holly and any dog she met. She detested other cats and her own siblings. She was a fierce hunter and I wish she could have concentrated on rats and mice instead of including birds, bunnies and flying squirrels. She was a licker and would reach out her paw to pull your hand close so she could lick all your fingers, even with strangers. She loved to lick the sheep's faces and let them breathe on her and nuzzle around in her fur.
Cleo and Charlie 2012
She made some kind of grievous error involving crossing the road this afternoon.  Although I don't think the other cats will be unhappy  she will be sadly missed by people, dogs and sheep. 
Thanks for being our cat.  I wish you had stayed longer.


  1. They never stay long enough. Sad for you, the dogs and the sheep. Bye Cleo.

  2. So sorry...your posts painted a picture of a truly unique cat.

  3. what a special companion. i'm sad for you all.

  4. So sorry to read about Cleo. It takes a piece of you when they go.

  5. Thanks, I still pause when doing a nose count at feeding time when I don't see her. It will take a while till I stop looking.......

  6. Sorry to read about Cleo. The farm will miss her.