Thursday, December 25, 2014

Fortnight Recap

'Fortnight' sounds so much classier than 'two weeks'.  I'm always impressed to see other people blog daily or almost daily and make meaningful, interesting posts to boot.  Two weeks of gray weather here hasn't helped and we haven't been doing anything especially photogenic on the farming front.  I did manage to get some wool ready and sent it off for processing.

Another run of Ferns and Moss......

And some natural colors - white Bunny and Gooseberry and two shades of gray - Tux and Mojito.
I skeined, washed, dyed and reskeined the last of the 3-ply sportweight Cotswold yarn I had milled earlier in the year.
We had a great spinning guild meeting with a fibery Secret Santa gift exchange wherein you bring nice spinning fiber wrapped in a festive manner and then you get to pick a gift based solely on which packaging strikes your fancy.  Some participants employ the reverse psychology method and go for the plainest wrapper they can think of, but all fiber is super yummy and selected by a spinner for a spinner so there are no losers!   Some stealing is allowed and the most coveted boxes changed hands several times until all was settled.
I wish I'd taken a picture of the sparkly batts I made on the big drum carder as contribution.  Duh.  :-(
But I received two lovely coils of hand dyed BFL roving in two slightly different blue colorways.  Yay!  Even the bag is fun - the pattern is knit stitches!

And while Christmas preparations have kept us busy we can always count on the routine of daily chores to keep us focused.
Kittin has grown into a very pretty kitty.  She's also growing into a rather spherical shaped kitty.  This will no doubt change when winter is over and she ventures out and about more.  She's a bit of a couch barn potato in snowy weather. ;-)

She's also become enamored of the sheep and likes to have them breathe on her and give neck nibbles.

The sheep really didn't like me taking a video.  I guess they thought that if I was standing still looking at them I must be Plotting Something so they kind of each decided one by one that they had somewhere else to be.

Alexi says.....
"I just don't know what she sees in those sheep.  She should be out hunting mouses.  Kids these days..... into some crazy stuff."
Best wishes for everyone to do whatever you're 'into' this holiday season!


  1. What funny pictures, and did you notice a kitty photo-bombed your first picture? lol i wonder if the nibbles on the neck feel good to kitten haha. love the yarn & the colors you posted too!!

  2. Love all the pics and the video was wonderful, please do more!