Wednesday, January 6, 2016

But Of Course

We're planning to put coats on some of the Cotswolds tomorrow, check eye scores and weights one last time before going into winter and probably separate the oldest ewes into a group that can get a ration of grain once a day.  To that end I gathered a few sheep coats that needing mending, set up the sewing machine and realized I didn't have the scissors handy.  A two minute search ensued and when I came back into the room.......

Dexter and Calvin, ready to help.

Cats.  You can depend on them to appear when you least need their assistance.  


  1. Wow thats Deja Vu....I was hemming and patching Jeans yesterday and needed to get thread out of my desk....came back to the table and YUP, our cat was giving my sewing machine the once over. They do show up at the darndest times!

  2. I love cats they are smarter than people without cats thinks they are.
    Your sheep are real interesting and pretty. I don't know anything about she only I have one little wool sheep I get out at Christmas LOL
    Just wanted to say hi

  3. Mine can be counted on to lie on knitting that's just been partially frogged. On lacy, delicate shawls. On table linens I'm trying to keep clean before company arrives for dinner.

  4. Just helping.... Curiosity overload ~ They ALL want to be in the middle of things :-) And timing isn't their strong suit (at least for my two troublemakers).

  5. Just look at those innocent faces. We have no idea why you would question our helpfulness. We were just inspecting your sewing machine for proper thread placement and making sure your fabric did not fall to the floor. Helpful is our middle name.