Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Most Bestest Visit - Part 1

Taking a vacation with my friend Julie to visit Sara (thecrazysheeplady) at Equinox Farm in KY is the highlight of the summer.  Animals, wooly pursuits, food, socializing.....OK, we do that here too but it's all a fun change of pace from our own brand.

The sunrise was quite pretty which Andy points out happens a lot if I were just up at that time to see it.  Har har.

Eleven hours later (heavy rain, accidents ahead of us, road construction, gas/potty/food breaks) we made it and set about saying hello to old friends.

Count Chocula.

Miss Maisie.

Hershey and his very cool hair.

Elderly Allie in Del Boca Vista with some chicken friends.

The flock slowly drifted in from the pasture for evening chores. (Standing right to left are Popcorn Pee Pee Pants, Renny and Ewen McTeagle).

Handsome Hank came over to indulge in a cookie.

We went next door to do evening chores for vacationing neighbors.   Kate and Weaslie came along. They never miss a chance to take a ride.

There we met Traveller, who loves him some watermelon rind.

And of course the babies had to have their evening ba-bas.  Biscuit is on the right and his BFF Muffin is on the left.  (I fiddled with the video a little to get Muffin to show up. She is that black.)

The next day was sunny and perfect for RIDING!  Wheee!  I haven't been on a horse in nearly 30 years but we oiled the heck out of my saddle (it was clean and sound, just really dry) and tacked up. Hickory would be my steed for the weekend.  You can tell he's thrilled.

Sara rides T-Bone, a very handsome and tall boy.

Kate supervised while I brushed Hickory off.  I have to admit.... I kept leaning in to smell him.  Horse people will understand.

And we're off!

T-Bone:  "Haw haw - you got the one that hasn't ridden in decades!"

Kate and Weaslie were game for a good romp so they came along.  The neighbors are mostly congenial about riding on each others' property so as long as one is polite and passionate about closing gates a ride can cover hundreds of acres.  Kate did follow us all the way but Weaslie was cagey and stopped at the top of the hill by Stella's house and begged treats waited for us to come back.  We went riding Every Day.  Swoon!

"That horse-following is a lot of work for us short legged Corgi dogs."

Later in the day Sara decided we needed to retrieve the Giant Metal Chicken from his stall at the neighbor's and set him up to greet friends who were coming for dinner.  For the original story of the GMC, click here.  (Warning - some adult language)  The particular chicken we'd be dealing with is a whopping seven feet tall.  

How do you move a Giant Metal Chicken?  Standing up in the back of The Unit, of course.  Now, in the spirit of full disclosure there were watermelon mojitos involved but the plan was to move that chicken even before the melon hit the blender.

The "Welcome Home" chicken in the yard.

Then we ate a lot and had another adult beverage and after a day of that much fun we all pretty much collapsed.

Next time - part 2!


  1. Now that's a great time had by all.

  2. Yep I get the sniffing horses thing. I go round and groom my sister's retired pony sometimes just so i have an excuse for a hug and sniff. :D

  3. What happens at Equinox Farm *stays* at Equinox Farm ;)

    Muffin and Biscuit were really chowing down on those ba-bas. I bet the "adult beverages" went down the same way ;)

  4. You are hilarious. Must go find out more about the giant metal chicken. Seems everyone ought to have one....

  5. Thank you for "taking us on vacation" with you! Love the photos and the time you must have had!!!

  6. What a fun time!! Did you bring more sheep for Sara??!!

  7. Wow, now that seems like my kind of holiday! I would love to visit Equinox Farm, it seems like a wonderful place! :)