Monday, May 30, 2011

The Little Things

I was going to make a post about the Big Things around here, like the view down the valley from the barn door, and the size of the flock spread out (and some are over the knoll of the hill).

Cool and cloudy, just what the sheep like.

The sheep have the best view on the farm

Sheep spread out as far as the eye can see

But then coming back to the house I saw a cool Little Thing.  LOTS of them in fact.

Salutations, Wilbur!

Apparently, the overlapping edges of the siding on the house was a safe place to put a big spider egg sac last fall.  They are blurry if you biggify, but trust me - they are black and yellow and might grow up to look like this: 
Yellow Garden Spider

There were several of these beauties in the privet hedge last year.  By the next morning the little ones were all gone, carried away by their silk draglines, just like Charlotte's children.

Alexi says,

Spiders? Ptooie. No meat on 'em.

We'll look for more big and little things tomorrow.