Monday, May 16, 2011

Some Spring Cleaning

In a week the flock has pretty much eaten the Baby Pasture down to the nubbins.

Wish our lawn was this short

After a week of becoming acclimated to fresh grass it was safe to let the sheep out on the main pasture for the bulk of the day.  This gave us time to clean the concrete barn yarn and bunk space.  Andy scrapes the concrete clean about every other day with the skidsteer, and pushes the manure into the corner of the bunk until there's enough to make a spreader load.  Today there was enough accumulation to warrant bringing in the spreader.  We swung the big gate to let the spreader in and keep the sheep out in the pasture. 

Hot stuff

We lo-o-o-o-ove hydraulics

The manure is not on fire.  Being in a pile, it is heating as any good compost pile would.  The kicker is that it's 42 degrees out.  Forty. Two.  As in, 10 degrees away from having water turn to ice.  At 2 PM.  May 16th.  So when you stir it, the manure steams like a pot of soup.   I am not a happy camper.  The sheep, however, are thrilled with this weather.  No bugs, no hot sun, just cool grass.  Still, sheep and cats always think they are on the wrong side of a closed door - or gate.  So, when we swung the gate shut behind the skidder the sheep took it as an invitation to come back inside even though they were perfectly happy out there two minutes ago.

Can we come in now?

The sheep were out in a nice light rain yesterday and the Cotswolds are starting to clean up and show their curls.

Yes, don't hate me because I'm beautiful

I can haz curls?

I love the way the lamb wool starts to looks so silky, and it feels that way, too.  Click the picture to biggify.

O, hai!

We had enough sun the other day to wake up my flowers in the bed along the front of the house.  Creeping phlox, basket of gold, candy tuft, aubretia.........

Showers of flowers

And here's a surprise.....I didn't plant this.

The brightest thing in the yard

And if you look closely.......I'm not the only one who might get surprised by this tulip. Click to biggify.

Come into my parlor................

OK, the picture's blurry, but there's a yellow crab spider in there.  You find the neatest stuff when you take  second to look closer at things.

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