Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Still In Nursery Mode

........but getting closer to the end.  Foxy had a big pair of twins yesterday which leaves just Helga and Alexandria yet to lamb.  Here's she's licking off lamb #1 - a big ewe lamb.  Note that reflectived red tint to moorit mom's eye and the green reflection in the black lamb's eye which I spoke of earlier.

Foxy and ewe lamb

Those red eyes again.  That could freak a person out if you didn't know what it was.   It's like a bad horror movie effect.

She went on to also have a ram lamb weighing 16 lbs.  That's our biggest lamb ever and he's doing great.  Between him and his sister, this ewe created 31 1/4 lbs of healthy lambs, plus all the associated fluid and tissue that goes along with the process, and put on a big functional udder too. Let's round it up to a conservative guess of 50 lbs.  As she only weighs around 170 lbs, that's an additional 30% of her entire adult body weight that she built from scratch in 5 months.  Biology is an awesome thing.

The older lambs are growing very fast and eager to poke around in the hay feeder tray for fines after the moms fill up and give them room.  These 2 siblings are tired after a day of learning how to be sheep.


Andy took advantage of the weather to start spreading fertilizer on the pastures.  We will need all we can get this year!  The odd warm spell at the end of March started the grass nicely, but now it's in a chilly limbo (as it really should be for this time of year) and not growing.  With fertilizer readily available it ought to jump in a satisfying manner when it warms up.

The adult sheep know darn well that pasture time is coming and they watched Andy through the gate with laser like focus.

Look, he's in. the. pasture.

"What's a pasture?"

You'll be finding out pretty soon.