Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunny Saturday

Saturday was the first sunny warm day we've had since mid-March.  We opened the barn doors to the barnyard and let two mixing pens run together.  While the groups weren't overcrowded you could practically hear the older ewes saying, "Thank Heavens.  If I'd had to stay cooped up in there one more day I'd have been making the front page and not in a good way."   There was a lot of traipsing back and forth and a little head butting as the adults reinforced their standing in the flock.  After some initial consternation at mom going around the corner out of sight, the lambs all ran and played together then hung out in the sun.  It was a treat to sit in the doorway and watch the activity and of course the lambs all had to come investigate.

Hello.  I'm a lamb.  What are you?

So.  You come here often?

Hey!  You're blocking the sun!  You're kind of - big - if you get my drift.

Man, you've got some weird fur.  It's all slippery.

I can hear the pasture....calling me.....

I don't trust her.  She looks funny.

I think she's OK.  It's just hard to be as cute as us lambs.

Cute, but growing fast.  I caught these two lambs in an older mixing pen chewing a little cud already.

What?  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

You have to wonder what they think the first time a cud comes up.  "What the heck is THIS??"


  1. There is just nothing cuter than Cotswold lambs. Period.

  2. Love your photos. Thank you.

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. They are just too cute for their own good.

  4. You and the lambies just made my day...I'm so glad I'm only in "town" for 3 days/week!

  5. I always get a good giggle from your captions on the photos; weird fur, indeed!

  6. I love Your blog and your sheep. Greetings from Poland