Thursday, August 2, 2012


The concrete company had time in their schedule today so we got the floor poured for the new ram barn pens.

Andy had the forms built and ran down to the rental place to get a power screed for the day.  Thank you to whoever invented it.  We have done our fair share by hand and there's no particular glory in it, especially since we both have shoulder issues.  He got this one with a twelve foot bar to accomodate the wider section.

The truck arrived shortly after lunch.  Because the barn doorway is only eleven feet high Andy had to ferry the mix in with the skidder.

That worked out fine since it allowed him to put each bucket where he wanted it.  We filled the narrower section first.....

...and screed it as we went.

Then he laid down re-rod and did the wider section.

Bob, the truck operator, was really helpful and grabbed the stone rake anytime I didn't get there first.  ( He's a former farmer, it turns out.  They just won't. stop. working.)

We actually had about half a yard more than needed so Andy did some quick work with pick and shovel and leveled the ground around the box that houses the water pump.  That used up the extra perfectly.  Hopefully that will make it less enticing to the mice in winter.

We finally finished around 4 PM.  The floor looks good and should last longer than we will.  And it's got good mojo going because of the requisite good luck love note.

Written in stone :-)


  1. Tim did our concrete by hand last night. Miserable job. And we didn't put our "written in stone" in it :-(. Our delivery guy was great too though :-).

  2. Nice looking floor you've got there!