Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hard To Believe

It's always amazing to see the transformation dyed wool undergoes when it's processed into roving.  I've been out of a lot of colors for way too long and am now getting some back on the shelves.

We went from this....
To this...
Honest.  That's how those colors work up when carded into a variegated roving.  There is half again as much yellow as the other colors and it really tames them. This is Misty Morn which I've been out of for some time.  I need to spin a sample skein but the roving looks to be a dead on duplicate of what I had before.
Right now I have this drying.
This is going to be Ferns and Moss, and colors for Beneath the Waves are in the dyepots right now.  I'm trying hard to get a decent stock of fiber prepared for the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival coming up in September.  And what has enabled me to increase my production so much?  The opening of Acorn Works fiber mill.  Being within driving distance (and being talented and accomodating) the mill is washing raw fiber for me in much bigger batches than I can manage then giving it back for me as just clean, unpicked wool to dye.  Once dyed, I return the fiber to then be made to roving.  So far this is working out dandy and the end result is gorgeous.  I am colon-hyphen-capital-dee happy!
"Good thing you're moving faster.  We're making more allllll the time."


  1. You have great vision on color. I could never have put those colors together and come up with something so pretty. Can't wait to see the rest!

  2. You could have just knocked me over when your blend came out the other end! So not expecting such a lovely subtle blend of those colors. I must say, running your wool through really isn't much like working at all.