Friday, September 7, 2012

Dye Day

Carolyn and I had another two dye days this week.  She is keeping very busy with her rug hooking business and since she was fortunate to get into the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival this year - due to another vendor having to cancel - she needs lot of inventory.

We work off my skirting table and go recipe by recipe to get the colors she needs.  Note that we have at least enough discipline to keep the bag of donuts off the work surface and moderately away from our work.

We had the dye oven, the microwave and the hot plates all going, although not at once.  We found out the circuit they are on really doesn't like that.

We had a lot of fun and dyed 15 yards of material in about 6 hours each time. 
Then she takes the fabric home to rinse again, dry, tear to size (fat quarters), label and put into her inventory list.
There are going to be some happy hookers when they get to her booth!

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