Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hey, I Got Lucky!

That line could mean a whole bunch of things, but in this case it means I picked up our new Cotswold ram and his name is Lucky.  He comes from Ewetopia Farm in Whitehall, NY.  It was an overnight trip and Julie made the foray with me, leaving That Andy to hold down the fort.  Lucky's "baa-ography" includes the fact that he's registered with ACRA, is 6 years old, currently weighs 327 pounds and is lookin' for love in the very near future.

He was more interested in nomming some alfalfa hay than smiling for the camera.

He just nicely fit in the crate Red welded for this purpose earlier this summer.
On the way back I just had to get a picture of this great metal sculpture.
This is in honor of the Champlain Canal's Towpath Mules, no doubt a hardy northern breed similar to Sal, the Erie Canal's famous mule.  I love that all the metal parts are bits of old farm machinery.  Now if I could just find someone to weld me up some lawn sheep.  I'll have to speak to Red........
Dexter says,
"Metal, phooey.  Cardboard is my media of choice for interpretive performance art such as this."
Cats.  They're so dramatic.




  1. That's a nice looking ram! And a nifty project for Red!

  2. He's handsome! Pretty, pretty fleece. So that's what a fit Cotswold looks like ;-).

  3. Oh my look at those curls! I am drooling. :)