Monday, June 3, 2013

Good Help is Hard to Find

Despite our best intentions the back lawn got out of control.  Riding the mower for a couple of hours was just not a priority (for a lot of days).  Happily, the group of yearlings we've been housing in the upper barn agreed to help us out.  I resurrected the electric net fencing, got a new battery at Tractor Supply and set them to work.

There was a pretty steep learning curve until they came to understand that the fence bites...every time.... everywhere.   I kept an eagle eye on them for the first four or five days.  I'm nervous about the fencing because I know of people who have lost lambs to being tangled and shocked to death.  All it takes is somebody behind you to shove you into the fence and get your legs tangled.... eesh.  Don't even want to think about it. Even now we keep them under supervision,  but they are doing fine.

Of course the low hanging apple tree branches got totally stripped.  The Cotswolds were especially efficient at that :-/

I'm telling myself it's OK because those whippy branches don't really produce apples and they are terrible eye pokers during those times I actually do ride the mower under and around them.

Brother and sister bottle lambs from last year, Mickey and Minnie.  They were more well behaved and stuck to eating the grass underfoot.

We Cotswolds are independent thinkers, you know.
Hmm, yes, but the electric netting will curb that a bit.  You just worry about that lawn you're supposed to be mowing for me.


  1. Lawn is such a terrible waste of good grass and apple trees need pruning:)

  2. I just bought a roll of that netting to make an alleyway to the middle paddocks. Maybe I should just put it in the yard. Think they'd weed flower beds too? ;-)

  3. I like the electric netting fences. The sheep respected it pretty well. The goats were the ones that would give us problems. I love my lawn mowers :)
    Enjoyed the pictures!