Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Stills Challenge - Pets

 Sunday will be our 5th anniversary of Sunday Stills and that means our anual pet challenge.

Here's some found treasure - while on walkies with Holly today I remembered that my camera came with a card that didn't hold very many pictures and that I had bought a bigger one which I use all the time.  (Walking is a great way to let your mind percolate and sometimes the stray thoughts that bubble up are useful!)  I was pretty sure I knew where the card was - wonder of wonders! - so I got home and checked it out.  There are only a couple of pictures on it but they are such welcome finds.

This is Molly, Holly's predecessor, and a bottle lamb.  I'm not sure which lamb unfortunately.  It might be either Mouse or Raisin who are both long passed.  The date stamp is 3/29/2003 !

And also dated that same day is a Cotswold ewe and her lamb.  Again, I don't know who they are specifically, but it still gives me warm fuzzies to see them. 

 I could do this challenge every week and not run out of material :-)

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