Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Stills - In Your Hand

For this weeks it's anything you can fit in your hand and the pic must guessed it......your hand.

Spinning Pearls' fleece into yarn
And plying it into a 2-ply yarn
The upper picture was taken with the flash.  The lower picture was done on manual.  On the camera display the second photo looked very similar to the first in color.  On the computer it looks much different even after I fiddled around to improve it.  Apparently a reasonably hale and hearty person is spinning and some old fart with crappy hands is plying :-/
At least the yarn is coming out nicely.


  1. Well, let's ignore what the camera did to your hand and take notice of how lovely Pearl's fleece is spinning up!

  2. Well the camera did not distort your yarn, it is lovely.

  3. I have come to hate pictures of my hands. I don't feel old until I see them in pics.

  4. I know the feeling..but they are lovely photos:)

  5. My hands were so red from the after taking my shots that I had to discard several as just. too. creepy. :-D