Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lambies Everywhere

It's been a busy three weeks!  We're getting down to the wire now - one ewe left to lamb!  Woot!  Her udder says she is still several days away from doing the deed so I can sleep through the night for a few nights.  Waahoo.

Here's one of the most recent arrivals.  The ewe is Star.  Her lamb is quite a survivor.  His twin sadly expired a few days before birth for some reason and when it was stillborn I assumed the other lamb would be deceased too, but no!  He came out hale and hearty.

Ivan is tired of all the constant hubbub in the barn.

"Wake me up when it's over.  On second thought......don't bother."
Morning and evening feeding time gets the ewes all over to the hay feeders so the floor is clear.  It's a green light to the lambs for some racing and bouncing.

More pictures soon!


  1. So funny watching the little ones trying to figure out what that is on the hay floor
    ...sunlight! And that precious one hugging the wall...not joining in on the jumping....which I Love! watching by the way.......that little one is like the shy one in every group
    thanks for the video...sorry about the little twin that didn't make it

  2. You have an incredible setup for these sweet lambies. Beautiful babes.