Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Must Be Something in the Water

Yesterday and today we're seeing spotted babies!  Gem's marbled boy started a trend.

Domino had twins - a solid black and this crazy-quilt pattern of black and white.

Then in the wee hours this morning Dollar had this fancy baby. 

Born wearing shorts!  Seen from above she looks a bit like a yellow and black koi swimming in a square tank.

And then this afternoon Kitty had twins.  An all white baby and his sister - with a spot.  This is very atypical of Cotswolds!  One has to wonder if the genetics are white-lamb-with-black-spot or is it a black-lamb-with-(large)-white-markings ?  Color genetics are pretty complicated but the cute factor is easy to see. 

More lambies on the way soon judging by the large gals sitting around, resting.  I like it when they stick their front legs straight out in front.  Makes me think of Lily Tomlin as Edith Ann sitting in the big chair on Laugh In. Hmmm, that would actually be a good sheep name!

And that's the truth.


  1. Wow...the spotting is very unusual. So sweet!

  2. When it comes to the fiber of your sheep, do you prefer them to be one solid color or are the spots okay? Do you separate it or do you just card it all together? Just wondering, cause if it was up to me, I think the spotted sheep are soooooo cute. You would also be able to tell them apart better out in the field. Just a few questions from a "possible" future sheep owner.

  3. Edith Ann.....love it!
    All the babies are so cute.....I have sheep envy right now

  4. Wow! Those are some distinctive markings! Beautiful lambs... That Lily Tomlin character was my all-time favorite.

  5. What is it about spring and critter babies...from foals to lambs...calves to piglets...chicks to ducklings...and of course puppies to kittens..you just have to love it. Those are the nicest lambs! And Thats the truth!

  6. Love the spots, and the "shorts" are so different, so cute. Almost done lambing here, one more ewe to go, some really different colors too, but lots of blacks and browns this time round, having problems this week with camera and I want to get pictures so bad. Hope I don't need to buy a new camera.