Monday, May 5, 2014

Over the Rainbow

This past weekend was the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  This event has become the largest such gathering in the US and 2014 was their 41st year.  Tell a fellow spinner or shepherd that you're "Going to Maryland" and they know you're on a working vacation - having huge fun and being inspired but also gathering contacts, ideas, making sales and purchases, and generally immersing yourself in all things fiber.  It's a magical weekend for sheep and fiber people.

Julie and I go down on Friday to get my fleece show entries in on time and then we wander around getting a sneak peek at the sheep and vendor booths.  Detailing all that can be seen at Maryland would take volumes but I did take a few pictures to show a tiny slice of the flavor the weekend offered.

Somebody yarn bombed the trees in the grassy yard where the sheep to shawl competition would be happening.

The art competitions are always swamped with talent.


Rug hooking.

Garments and textiles created by knitting, weaving, crochet, felting and combinations of techniques.  I regret I don't remember how this boa scarf was created but each little lock was secured to a backing of some kind.
And of course spinning.  This project basket was inspired by Beanie Baby, a Jacob sheep from Equinox Farm.

The vendors carry everything - - you could possibly need in supplies for your project or finished goods.

Literally tons of yarn.  Lots of sock yarn and kits to knit socks.  Many were whimsical.

Kits to make your own heirloom quilts.  These incorporate quilting, embroidery and needle felting.

Fun, decorative items all ready to take home and love forever (or give to someone else to love).

The sheep show had hundreds of entries in all breeds, colors and sizes.  I'm quite sure this heavily fleeced Corriedale later went on to win Supreme Fleeced Sheep of the show.

These Border Leicester youngsters were as interested in passersby as the people were with them.

And this four day old bottle baby won hearts everywhere she went.  When you have sheep circumstances like this just come with the territory.

I see I've barely scratched the surface of what the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival offers.  I didn't get to the fiber available, the processed fibers ready to be worked, the variety of yarn, the potted dye plants ready to put in your garden, the tools and equipment, jewelry, books, buttons and beads.......

Oh well, there's always next year!


  1. Thank you from someone home with lambing now. Love the pics!

  2. It was a terrific weekend...what a coincidence...I actually bought the kit for the "boot" socks!

  3. Those socks are amazing. And the Jacob basket, boy, she sure did Beanie Baby proud!