Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Miles of Yarn

Not hand spun, although I do have miles of that in my stash, but really nice mill spun (Stonehedge Mill) Cotswold yarn from our flock, all skeined, washed and hung to dry.  I have a lot more on cones to work with but it's a start.  I have to check the wraps per inch as I think this is a little lighter than sportweight but I'm very pleased with it, both for luster and softness.  (Softness being relative, this IS Cotswold after all.....)

I'm glad I have a good lot to work with as I want to dye some but the white is so pretty as it is that I'd feel bad to dye it all.  Which of course is stupid given how much is still on the shelves waiting for me to send it off and how much is walking around.  :-/

I also had some gray Cotswold made to the same weight (again, I have to check wraps per inch to see where it really falls) by a different mill (Gurdy Run) and they also did a fine job.  It turned out a nice gray that's strong enough to stand alone or light enough to overdye if one wanted.

And if they are close enough in weight they could be used together in a two color project.

Makes me want to stop what I'm doing and look at patterns on Ravelry!  ;-)


  1. Oh, my - look at how that yarn glows! You and the sheep should be proud!

  2. Beautiful!
    I really want some :-) Really! Yes!

  3. wow lovely just lovely!! Both are really pretty but grey is one of my favorite colors and that is a lovely grey.

  4. What a sight to behold. Beautiful yarn.