Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Sky Above

I would hate to have to live in a city where the ambient night lighting is so bright you can't see stars or the Milky Way or the moon back lighting cloud banks.  This week the big show was the Super Moon, which to be accurate was more like a Super Duper Moon since we haven't seen the like since the mid 1940s.   We were lucky to have clear weather for it, and no city lights to dim the event.

I got a couple of nice pictures to remember it by.

And these - clouds? or alien jellyfish overlords drifting by to inspect their human herd?

OK, maybe I read too much science fiction when I was little.  ;-)


  1. Bizarre clouds! And great moon pics. Yes, I feel bad for city folks who don't get to see the stars every night. It's always a highlight, especially in the winter.

  2. Alien jellyfish overlords... totally!
    Nice shots of the moon! It has been such an amazing site.

  3. Beautiful moon photos. We tried to take pix, but our iPhones wouldn't focus. And those are some weird clouds.