Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Apple Party

Every fall our for ancient apple trees give us far more fruit than we can make use of.  The Wageners come ripe first, followed by the Wolf Rivers, then the Pound Sweet and then the Northern Spy.  I try to find time to use the best ones and I feel very guilty letting a large part of the bounty go unused but we don't let it go to waste entirely.  The rams are happy to get a small bucket of small or damaged or wormy or knotty apples every morning when they are turned out into the large, back pasture.

Our big Cotswold ram, Neville, doesn't care for them and waits by the water tub for some petting while the others are eating.  Not liking apples is a bit odd, like a dog not wanting cheese, but he's certain he does. not. want.

Castillo and Brick noticed me hanging around the gate and had to see what I was up to.

I really like how Brick is built.  He's a very pretty gray under the sunburned tips.

And then Norris and his two 'uncles' are turned out into their small close-to-the-barn pasture.
We cut the apples into smaller chunks for him and the old guys.  Norris likes apples very much but can't get his jaws around them well enough to crunch them if they are whole.  The old boys have some missing teeth so it's harder for them too.  The last thing we'd want is to have somebody choke to death because they couldn't chew a whole apple.
First Norris eats with Isador.
Then he runs over to Ian's pile to 'help'.  (Ian has a stiff shoulder and limps.  Two piles keep the shoving to a minimum).

It's always a hard sell at the end of fall when the apples stop dropping and there are no more to distribute and I have to convince the rams I haven't just forgotten.  But it's good while it lasts!


  1. I'm glad you have so many apples to share with your boys. Do the girls like them also?

    Norris is so cute! I'll be interested in seeing what you spin with his lamb clip.

    1. I think most of the girls would like them but we don't have enough to feed them too. It's curious that Neville doesn't like them, but he just doesn't.

  2. Lovely to see you writing again, and posting your pictures and videos. Your rams are magnificent! Just LOOK at those fleeces at the half-year mark, they're absolutely rolling on the boys' backs as they walk around! Brick is gorgeous. I asked for his fleece this past spring and you withheld it because he got it messy, or maybe it was felt-y, but he'd better behave this winter so I can have a shot at it next spring.

    I'm also curious to see what you make of Norris's lamb fleece! It's very beautiful.

    What a pleasure to see such healthy, happy animals. You (both of you) do a great job, and your fleeces and roving show it.