Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Autumn Walkies

Holly is just like me - loves the sun and heat and soaks it up whenever possible.

"Hey, wanna go for a walk?"

"What did I just hear?"

"Walk? Yes, a walk would be acceptable on such a nice day."

This was really from a couple of weeks ago when we had a streak of 90 degree days.  The perfect time to replace a section of roof that has been needing attention for a few years.  

It was crazy hot up there, but Andy took a lot of breaks.  He never puts shingles over shingles, so it was remove, repair, replace, repeat - working his way up the roof.  Only a couple of places needed repair but it was a slow job to do alone and took a full week to complete.

The thermometer said Summer but the plants were saying Fall.  Walking with Holly helps one focus on small details and appreciate the changing landscape.  Asters and goldenrod were still blooming in the wetter ditches and shaded areas.

But were past their prime in open, full sun areas.

This ivy was a deep ruby red - a more somber red than the sugar maples put on.

The neighbors have a field of corn that's ripening fast.  The ears are drying and starting to tip down.  The Amish planted it and they must be planning to pick it.  If it was to be silage they would be chopping it by now.

It was getting windy as the afternoon went on and this Monarch butterfly took refuge on a short stalk of wild aster.  I saw quite a number of them bravely flitting south during September.

And then we came across this interesting character on the edge of the pavement.

My, you are a rather large caterpillar!

I wasn't familiar with this type and had to look him up.  It will become a hawk moth!  Love those!  They mimic hummingbirds and are active during the day - unusual for a moth.   I put him (or her) across the ditch in the tall plants.  

If I see an adult next year flying around the flowers I'll hope that it's this one.


  1. Cool caterpillar! What a great find :-D.

  2. So you like 90-degree days? I must remember to send you some; they start down here in June and cling on through September.

    I like your beautiful asters and ivy.