Thursday, September 17, 2020

Goodbye to Two Good Friends

I am remiss in not posting the passing of two really good barn kitties.  Although they passed on a while ago they deserve a formal mention.  Every animal has a personality, likes and dislikes, and quirks that make then individuals.  We don't have "just" barn cats, we have cats who live their best life in the barn.  Farewell to siblings Chloe and Clem.

Chloe  2008 - 2019

Clem 2008 - 2020

Both gone but not forgotten.


  1. Clem knew how to work the camera to his advantage! They were both beautiful.

  2. Fortunate cats! A beautiful symbiotic relationship! Tell their stories!

  3. Such beautiful cats! And I just know they had the Best life living with you and Andy - even if it was in the barn! Hugs to you, Robin!