Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Moving Right Along

Rain is predicted to settle in for about a week, so Andy has been working hammer and tongs at the roof project.  He's got it pretty well whipped except for a triangular wedge right under the electrical cable entry box.  He'll make that area weather-safe and wait till it's dry again.  We'll just have to live with the classy scaffolding for a few days. 

Al-l-l-l-most done

I used the weather to good advantage and got a coat of varnish on the wooden display boxes he made for me to use in my booth at festivals.  They worked great for yarn at the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival but I didn't have time to put a finish on them before that event.  I promised myself that I'd get it done before summer was over.  I kinda made it.

Varnished AND gently sanded.  Woo!

All of a sudden the holly berries are turning bright red, but they still have blossoms too.  They are as confused as the teasels.  I hope they are this red at Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho - Merry October!

And while we bustled around trying to get everything done, Holly enjoyed a nice relaxing afternoon on the lawn watching the world go by.

Honestly! Those cats can just be SO uncouth.  Hmpf.

Time to move operations indoors till the rain goes by.

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